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Because we have transitioned to the use of tablet technology for appointment check-ins, it is no longer necessary to fill out paper forms before office visits.

As is the case when you are a new patient to COS or have not had an appointment for over a year, it’s always best to arrive 30 minutes prior to your visit to allow time to update your personal and medical information. Also, please remember to bring your photo ID, insurance card and a list of current medications. With any new injury, it’s also best to bring with you any imaging studies (including any disks or written reports) that you might need to share with your COS doctor.


When setting your appointment, please let us know if this is either a work related issue or an injury resulting from an automobile accident. Additional authorization, documentation or paperwork may apply.

Here is a comprehensive appointment preparation list:

How Can I Request My Medical Records?

If you wish to request release of your medical files, please refer to this form: