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  • WC Director: Brian Hayes
    (lost paperwork/communication issues)
  • Main Number
  • Billing Department
  • Temple PT Work Hardening Program
  • P:203.305.9822
  • P:203.407.3500
  • P:203.407.3562
  • P:203.498.5980

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Why Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists should be at the top of your
Preferred Provider List

We provide everything your employee needs to be completely rehabilitated and get back to work safely.
We have top specialists in every field, from orthopaedic surgery to physical therapy to work hardening.
We communicate with you every step of the way, and we are reachable when you have questions or concerns.
We have a proven track record in every aspect of rehabilitation and health care.

How Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists assists in managing your
Workers' Compensation Injuries:

Our physicians provide appropriate medical advisement to an injured employee post initial care with our in house imaging services, ambulatory surgical center, physical therapy and return to work program provided by Temple Physical Therapy.

We are committed to maintaining an open line of communication for the injured worker, employer and WC carrier. Our serves as the direct point of contact for all workers’ compensation matters and will work with you to obtain your requests.

Our medical doctors are well educated on the effects that lost time can have on an employee. Therefore it is our goal at COS to reduce the amount of time an injured employee is removed from the work environment with effective medical treatment. As a standard practice our clerical staff forwards a copy of the work status note to the WC carrier and employer at the conclusion of each office visit.

COS is dedicated to providing a high quality of care to our patients. While at the same time decreasing the medical and lost time expenses that employers and WC carriers acquire; such as the overall claim costs and increased wages due to shift coverage and overtime.

See our three-step-process below: